Mentorship Through Writing

A mentor is a teacher or an adviser.  It is a person who will help you to discover and enhance your strengths and talents to the best of your ability.  Mentorship is a process of personal development.  It is based on establishing a relationship with people, known as mentors, with more experiences and knowledge in particular areas than oneself.  Through mentorship, learning should be conducted through active teaching as opposed to the simple observation of a role model.

This relationship should benefit both parties.  A mentor is very committed to making a difference in the lives of their students.  When choosing a mentor, find one you like and who knows how to listen; one who is trustworthy, positive and enthusiastic.  Also, it is excellent if your mentor has a good sense of humor.

Why Should You Hire A Mentor?

Mentors are helpful regardless of where you are in your life or career.  A good mentor is wise and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you in order to help you succeed. It’s akin to having a trusted ally to go to whenever you are feeling uncertain or in need of support. A mentor can help you set and achieve goals, make smarter business decisions, overcome challenges. They can help you learn new skills. And quite simply, they can offer another perspective when you cannot readily see another way forward. The benefits are limitless.

When Should You Get A Mentor?

NOW is the best time to start.  Start with one week.

Who Should Be Your Mentor?

The choice of person makes a big difference in the success of the relationship and, ultimately, in YOUR success. Look for someone you respect professionally and someone you’d like to emulate. That doesn’t mean you want to follow in their footsteps exactly; rather, you are seeking someone who embodies the professional and upstanding characteristics you’re working to achieve. Also, find someone who is willing to be open and honest with you, and will take time to dedicate to you personally.  I recommend that you look for someone trustworthy that you like on a personal level, not just a professional one.  You should look forward to sharing sensitive information and feel confident you will engage in pleasant and inspiring conversations.

How Does The “Mentorship Through Writing” Relationship Work?

To start, I recommend that you, as the student, come up with your “ideal” relationship.  Figure out how much time you are willing to invest and build a schedule based on that.  Share the information with your mentor and make sure you leave it open for discussion.  Ask for what you want and need from your mentor.  Be certain to clarify your expectations, specifically around things like confidentiality.  Be flexible, listen carefully and make sure there is an agreement.  Also, be ready to enter into a formal arrangement.  Above all things, it must work for both of you.

The key to success is simply defining the relationship from the beginning.  Confusion is not an option. This is a win-win situation.  Let your mentor know that you see this as an ongoing process.  At any time, the relationship isn’t working for either one of you, the details can and should be reviewed and revised. This is stress free negotiation, and it is supposed to be a fun, growth experience.

You have the power to make a huge difference in your own life, your business and even the world.  The truth is, I enjoy working with people who are committed to their personal growth.  I hope I’ve inspired you to start a mentorship relationship with me today.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I’ll be happy to continue our conversation.

To your success!

Victoria Winters

"Your life reflects your expressed and emotionalized thoughts."

Author, Victoria Winters

Specializing in sharing knowledge about prosperity, wealth consciousness and universal laws governing all life, Victoria connects with people interested in achieving goals beyond their wildest dreams. She helps you to change your results through her "Mentorship Through Writing" program.   Most noteworthy, she says:   "Many people find it easier to create the peaceful and abundant life they expect through a change of mind."

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