The Real Purpose of Dreams

Every person has an imagination. It does not matter your age, financial status, residence, appearance or condition of health; everyone has an imagination they can use at their pleasure. And, nothing can stop, hinder or change this fact. When you think about it, you know there must be a significant reason that all human beings are endowed with this wonderful faculty of mind. But, have you ever wondered about the real purpose of dreams?

Inside your imagination you can look at anything you desire. And you can build big and beautiful dreams from the images you choose to see on the screen of your marvelous mind. Even better, you can see yourself actively enjoying and participating with the objects of your desire. Have you noticed that in your dream you always win? As the star of your own show, you easily move from place to place unencumbered by obstacles. After all, you probably would not include impediments inside of your own dream. There’s no point to ruining the fun!

Where does the fun stop?

Young children become encouraged to use their imaginations as they play. It’s fun to observe a child enjoying a pretend game because it reminds an adult of carefree times in their own life. Too bad to day dream often becomes discouraged in school. You know the phrases uttered to students who temporarily suspend their attention to the teacher’s lesson. Kind of makes you think you are encouraged to deny the real purpose of dreams.

As one practices the ability to focus on something supposedly “more important” outside of their own imagination, it is easy to understand the reason it is challenging to believe in the images of your desire. You were instructed to believe only what your eyes and the words of others tell you. You were programmed to believe that your power exists in changing the results that are visible in physical reality. It’s no wonder you search for “how to” do something that you really want and give up because you don’t know how.

News flash, you don’t have to know “how to” do anything before you begin to go forward to your goal. If you knew how, you’d have done it already!

Choices, choices and more choices available now.

As long as you’re looking at things outside of your imagination, see all the things you can choose to acquire. A walk through a grocery store is a small example of multiple things from which you can choose. Take a walk through different establishments and look around. You can look at loads of merchandise all day long and still not cover everything available to the public.

If you think that your only choices are available as physical objects, did you forget to include the objects in your imagination? You probably have many that you have not yet experienced in your “real” world. For example, day dream about being on an ocean cruise even though you may you live in a place surrounded by land. What stops you from feeling the movement of the ship? What is stopping you from enjoying enjoying the service of your beverage order being delivered to you poolside?

Step into the real purpose of dreams.

Actually the real purpose of dreams is for you to exercise your right to choose what you want and to see it in complete clarity before it appears in your world. You own your dreams because they appear in your imagination. As far as you know, no other person resides inside of your body. Therefore, no one outside of you can control your imagination or live your dream.

Victoria Winters

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Author, Victoria Winters
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