Charge Your Magnetic Power of Attraction

Are you interested in attracting more money, more success and prosperity into your life? Do you dream about things you want to buy or just own outright but think it is only a dream that will not come true for you? If that is something that happens to you, here’s a suggestion. Boost and fully charge your magnetic power of attraction. And if the question of "how" to do that popped into your mind, here’s something that you can do now and it will absolutely work.

Writing Causes Thinking

Ask yourself this question: “What do I really want?” Get a pen and paper and write down your answer. Continue asking and answering until you feel you know precisely ONE thing you really want.

Make the decision to go forward and manifest your desire. Boost your magnetic power of attraction and fully commit to your decision!

Movement In Imagination Is Effortless

Take a few moments to feel and see yourself doing the one thing you really love. Let your imagination run wild! Start physically moving around. Smile, dance, walk, skip, sing, or whatever you like, while you vividly see yourself in action. In these moments get into the spirit of your desire by enjoying yourself. Now, you are interacting with your heart’s desire. Physically moving around helps you to get into the feeling that you already have what you want. You are the owner of your desires. And as the owner, you must act accordingly.

Energy Flows Where Attention Is Directed

Frequently recall your ideal image to mind. See it again now! This is giving your attention to what you want. The more you see the image of you in possession of your desire, the more you will do things in accordance with the image you see. In other words, you are the owner of your desire. And as the owner, you must do things in the manner an owner would do. It is this new image of you, the owner, doing something you love that you must remember more often throughout your day. Give your undivided attention to your new self-image several times a day.

Your Magnetic Attraction Level Rises Automatically

As you give your attention to the new image you have of yourself, this places you on the same level as your desire. And just like a magnet you will automatically attract things on this level that you can use to your advantage.

Because there is no such reality as something for nothing, perish the thought that things will miraculously appear before your eyes. You must take action! However, the actions you take will be inspired action emanating from your new self-image. You will act from the mindset as the owner of your desire. And as the owner, you must do things in a certain way.

Nineteenth century writer, Wallace Wattles, wrote, “The Science of Getting Rich”. In his phenomenal work, he wrote about the power of attraction and how it is a scientific process that works exactly according to universal Law. It works for any person who is willing to act in a certain way.

As the owner of your desire, your directed attention on your new self-image causes you to attract ideas that you can use. Write down ideas that pop into your mind. You may be surprised about what actually comes to mind. This is the process that charges and boosts your magnetic power to attract exactly what you really want.

Follow Your Own Orders - Write An Action Plan

Lastly, write an action plan. With your plan you can willingly follow steps that lead directly toward your desire. And your desire will manifest into your physical world at the speed of your inspired actions.

Get tips and tools to help you remember to see your new self-image more often. Attend a "Living The Good Life" event. You will receive personal attention, coaching and enjoy opulent venues guaranteed to help you relax and create your own plan to reach your heart’s desire.

Your success is guaranteed when you boost your magnetic power of attraction and follow your own orders!

Victoria Winters

"Your life reflects your expressed and emotionalized thoughts."

Author, Victoria Winters
Specializing in sharing knowledge about prosperity, wealth consciousness and universal laws governing all life, Victoria connects with people interested in achieving goals beyond their wildest dreams. She helps you to change your results through her "Mentorship Through Writing" program.   Most noteworthy, she says:   "Many people find it easier to create the peaceful and abundant life they expect through a change of mind."

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