Give Attention To What You Really Want

Recipe For Results

There are ingredients you can mix together that guarantee the results you really want.  Just like a baker who follows a recipe to create a cake, you too can follow a recipe that will give you the results you really want to experience in your life.  And just like any recipe you choose to follow; you must give attention to what you really want.  Details matter!


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Give Attention To What You Really Want

Will power is your ability to focus.  Where you direct your attention and sustain it is focus.  You have the ability to focus on anything. You already choose everything that you focus on.  If you command yourself to focus on your BIG IDEA instead of current results, your attention automatically locks on to what you really want.

Whenever you dwell on current results, especially ones you do not want, you are giving your attention to the thing you do not want.  Anytime you focus on something it causes ideas to come to your mind.  If you write down the ideas that come to your mind when you focus on something you do not want, notice the same thoughts that brought you those unwanted results will be the ideas you get again.  Ask yourself:  “Do I really want a plan to get the same results?”  To give your attention to your current results causes you to think of ideas on how to get exactly the same thing.  This happens because of your focus on results.  This is a habit pattern you may want to replace.

How to Give Attention to What You Really Want

Use Persistence.  No matter what is happening around you, keep moving forward toward your dream. Persistence means to keep going.  The goals you set are the steps you can take toward your big idea.  If you stop or change direction you will fail to realize your dream and settle for something less than what you really want.

If you know that you are weak in persistence that is good.  You can get help to strengthen your resolve.  A good suggestion is to surround yourself with a master mind group so you can develop persistence.  Be mindful of who you choose for your group.  The primary concern is quality not quantity.  If you have one person to master mind with you are ahead of the game.

Effort is required to become proficient at persistence.  Occasional or once in a while effort will be of zero value to you.  You may as well forget about achieving your desire if you are unwilling to persist at achieving it.  THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PERSISTENCE.  Exercise persistence and you will win.

Use a Recipe for Results You Really Want

The first ingredient is desire.  Desire is to know exactly what you really want.  It is what you dream about and see in your imagination. It’s something that feels good and makes you smile.  The warmer your desire, the faster you can develop the feeling of having it now in your physical reality.  The heat from your desire will cause you to want to focus on it more intensely.  And intense focus will bring ideas to your mind that you can act upon immediately.  Those ideas are your action plan.  Write them down and do one immediately!

The starting point of all achievement is desire.  Keep this constantly in mind.  Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.  If you find yourself lacking in persistence, this weakness may be remedied by building a stronger fire under your desires.” – Napoleon Hill

Become determined to win.  Put circumstance on notice that you decide the circumstances for your life. The lazy nature inside all human beings is something you can control with persistence.  Accept no alibis and release yourself from the prison of procrastination.  The best time is NOW – GET MOVING!

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