What A Goal Can Do For You

What A Goal Can Do For You

You may have heard that goal setting is a worthwhile activity.  Have you considered what a goal can do for you?  Answer the question:  “What Is In It For Me?” of the goal you want to reach.

Engage in the practice of writing down your goals.  This is an easy action.  Visualize yourself with one goal.   Imagine being inside of this materialized goal.  Now, ask yourself:   “What am I doing?”  See you in action in your mind.  The answer to that question is your real goal.

Is Money The Goal or Is It Something Different?  Goal Choice

Many times you may say your goal is one thing, but it turns out that you may have been mistaken.  For example:  suppose you think your goal is to make money.  Go get a dollar bill and place it in front of you.  Understand that you have money now and you can get more money from wherever that came from.

Money is earned by providing service for people.  Whether the service you provide is offered from your time and particular skill set and given to an employer, or from a service or product you have to offer people, are the ways money is earned.  Therefore, it is quite apparent you can earn money from doing things you want and love to do.
It is easier to do whatever you enjoy.  You are the only person who can make the decision about actions you will perform.  Strive to become more aware of your actions at any given moment.  You can always ask yourself:  “Is what I am doing right now advancing me toward my goal?”  Based on the answer, make a decision to either continue your present action or change it.  You are always moving either forward or away from your goal.  Everything is in continuous motion. There is no such reality as standing still.

Write OnWrite Your Own Plan

Things you want originate from your internal desire.  What a goal can do for you in this instance helps you become clearer about the things you truly want.  Look at your goal as a possession and brainstorm around the actions you are willing to take to achieve your goal.  Here is where planning becomes critical.  When you write a plan to achieve one goal, you give yourself instructions about how to achieve that goal.  If you write down your plan, you can follow your own instructions.  If you follow your own instructions, you will reach your goal.  Your success:  guaranteed!

So write your goals down and develop plans to reach them.  The clearer you are about your goal, the easier it will be to write your own plan.  Know that the steps you take by following your own plan to reach your goal, is precisely what a goal can do for you.  Take action and proceed with confidence.   You are surrounded by an abundance of opportunity wherever you are and in everyplace you choose to go.

Victoria Winters

"Your life reflects your expressed and emotionalized thoughts."

Author, Victoria Winters

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