Proven Scientific Formula to Get Rich

Scientific Formula for the Layperson

Arithmetic is a proven method anyone can use to perform simple calculations.  "A proven scientific formula to get rich, applied correctly,  guarantees a positive result." This is a profound statement.  Read it a second time.  Arithmetic has laws or rules to follow in the performance of mathematical calculations.  Likewise, there are universal laws for the accumulation of wealth. If you apply and follow the scientific formula to get rich, you will accomplish your goal.

There are two reasons many people fail in their quest for riches or whatever success they seek—fear and disbelief.  Fear stops forward movement in the pursuit of your dreams.   Because you do not believe you can get them, you most assuredly will not reach your desired goal. In truth, you reach the goal of “not achieving your dream”.  Due to how you feel and what you believe causes achievement of something you really want.

Take a Risk - Trust Yourself

There are risks you must be willing to take to achieve wealth and prosperity:

  • Follow your own plans in spite of what other people may say, think or react to about your decisions.
  • Understand you may need to seek help and advice from others who are outside of your current sphere of influence.
  • Learn the truth about yourself and the power that is within you now to achieve your heart’s desires.

To think abundance and prosperity feels better than thinking about what you cannot do to achieve what you want. It is time for you to gain control of your mind and use it to create something positive.

Use the Scientific Formula to Get Rich

    1. Know exactly what you want.
    2. See it clearly in your imagination.  Close your eyes and relax.
    3. Feel the realness of your desire.  Remain within this psychological state until you get a conscious reaction of complete satisfaction.  Experience being and doing the thing you desire.
    4. Quiet your mind.  Be still in your mind, not in your body.
    5. Trust yourself and understand your desire is real and resides in your imagination.  And the vivid feeling you give to your imagined desire will be impressed upon your subconscious.
    6. Write a simple action plan.  Listen to yourself and begin with your first step.
    7. Recall the feeling of your accomplished desire (in imagination) before going to sleep.

Take Action Now - The Present Moment

Based on an order of implementation, follow the proven scientific formal to get rich.  It is easier to apply a formula and to follow your own orders as opposed to following orders from other people. "It feels great to be the boss!"

Victoria Winters

"Your life reflects your expressed and emotionalized thoughts."

Author, Victoria Winters

Specializing in sharing knowledge about prosperity, wealth consciousness and universal laws governing all life, Victoria connects with people interested in achieving goals beyond their wildest dreams. She helps you to change your results through her "Mentorship Through Writing" program.   Most noteworthy, she says:   "Many people find it easier to create the peaceful and abundant life they expect through a change of mind."

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