A Day in the Victoria Winters Suit

Walk In Another Pair of Shoes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could walk in the life of another person?  Perhaps that is a question many people ask out of temporary frustration within a few moments of an experience. But the question piqued my curiosity.  What really goes on inside of any individual?  My best answer calls me to give you a tour of "a day in the Victoria Winters suit" from my own inner body experience.

This idea came to mind while reading an article on quantum physics.  Yes, astronomy, physics, music and sail boats rank high on my list of interests, but so do many sillier things.  My day begins shortly after sunrise.  If ever there is a time to appreciate routine; early morning wins.  Gratefully, I don’t have to spend energy wondering what to do.  Rather, during my morning routines, I find musing through possible choices a lot more entertaining.

Diane Valentino and Victoria Winters

You and I already know some of the tasks we’ll do just because we always do them.  But what about the time between tasks?  Often I play a little game of condensing the “between” moments into one giant time block and use it purely for fun at unscheduled points in the day.  In other words, I look around and make decisions to go and do something just a wee bit different.

Summer broadens outdoor possibilities even though I prefer cooler temperatures.  After all, it is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit inside the “Victoria Winters suit”.  To release some of that heat, I dive into the inner space of my imagination.  This feels particularly warmer.  Abundant space and travel “inside” instantaneously transport me wherever I choose to go.  Airplanes simply cannot keep up with the pace at which some of my travels require.  However, I also lend myself to the slower transportation methods just for the fun of it.

Often my imaginary travels land me in the same place from where I started.  And these “déjà vu” experiences are actually a second chance to enjoy a previous adventure.  A visit to a local summer festival reminds me about many interesting people so close in proximity.  If for no other reason than to gaze upon art and hand crafted items, it is worth stepping out into the cooler summer heat.

Change your paradigm.

A talented friend, Diane Valentino, designs cloth purses.  From her whimsical imagination to the hands which seek something a bit different, she responds to the call.  The sound of my voice tells me exactly what to do.  And whenever I find myself arguing with that voice because of old conversations lodged in my mind, I pause.  Lately, the voice I hear inside of me screams deafeningly to align only with what feels good.  No wonder a stop in mid stride astonishes me and sometimes other people.  I know the reason for another person to think of me as aloof and slightly floating above ground.  Thank heavens for good friends and a husband who occasionally remind me; return to earth.

"A day in the Victoria Winters suit” may not fit the image you have for yourself, but I hope you enjoy the “suit” you wear everywhere you find yourself.  For it is within you that your outward experience evidences what it is like to live your own best life from inside of the "suit" you alone occupy.


Victoria Winters

"Your life reflects your expressed and emotionalized thoughts."

Author, Victoria Winters

Specializing in sharing knowledge about prosperity, wealth consciousness and universal laws governing all life, Victoria connects with people interested in achieving goals beyond their wildest dreams. She helps you to change your results through her "Mentorship Through Writing" program.   Most noteworthy, she says:   "Many people find it easier to create the peaceful and abundant life they expect through a change of mind."

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